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Cute Bow Divider by Sunshinewish
CARTMAN :hate: lol by Sabanjo. Pepper Clark STAMP . by xBlueBearEG - Rainbow Dash Stamp by migueruchan
I Love Bumblebee Stamp by DemonicHalfShellCelestia Ludenberg Stamp 2 by kaiser-kaisen[STAMP] Aoi Asahina by KuroiiKyu
gai and lee stamp by SakamakiJustineIno Stamp 2 by whiteflamingoNaruto Lover Stamp by Immature-Child02
Tadashi Stamp by daughterofMyouStamp - Jun y Megumi 'Special A' by dsa22Hiroomi Souma by BillieBlack
TK and Patamon Stamp by funlakotaOuran Twins by J3scaEnrique Iglesias Fan Stamp(Request) by Pink-Pastel
Julio Iglesias Jr Stamp by Pink-PastelRicky Martin Stamp(Request) by Pink-PastelBritney Spears stamp by LuluPies
Shakira Stamp by Kavel-WB
Cute Bow Divider by Sunshinewish

July-August, 2016

Is Your Ass Poppin' For Fireworks Yeeet?!?

:iconbigheartplz:This Is Also Summer of Love Issue!:iconbigheartplz:

Star divider Black White by ToxiceStea
Fireworks by nuic

The Contests

Double Dummy-Butt

For July:
Darth Vader by gattadonna
Reasons: There is no doubt about it...he is a dork!
For August:

13318733 1548100075485675 1866704751 N by Unwritten-Lyrics
Reason: Because he is a girly bitch-boy who enjoys cross-dressing for men.

Queer of the Year

TF - Tracks x Raoul kiss by Cloud-Kitsune

Congrats to Tracks! The gayest Transformer yet!

Reasons: Because he has been caught mouth raping this man in the image!

Double TMS VMAs

For July:

Daughtry: Torches(Nominated By: :iconpink-pastel: )

For August:

Enrique Iglesias: Duele El Corazon

Cupcake Divider III - Commiss. by etNoir

Ass-Popping News

Woman Rejects Man With Long Hair

Negi Booty Shake by Beary-Boo There is a man. He has long hair. Because of this long hair, he thinks he can be anything, do anything. Simply anything he puts his mind to. But the one thing he can't do is get women. He just doesn't understand why. why...
Neji and Tenten by Sillysammijo This woman is someone who this long haired freak images nude. Just look at that bun-head. He wants her badly, but he can't have her! Do you know why? Because she thinks he is one ugly bastard. TenTen by gaara-kun5656 Besides the fact the man, Negi, tries to be feminine, she knows that if they were to date, everyone would think they are a "cute lil' lesbian couple". So she says NO, and refuses to date this fugly weirdo. And there is poor Negi, all alone. The only thing that would want him is...another man. Steampunk Goggles FTW by Ska-T-Sama

The Average Gamer's View On Relationships

w579uVY by Unwritten-Lyrics:iconspeechbubbleplz: I want you~.
Have you run into anyone like this on the internet or in nerdy game stores? People like this are school, in stores, in the same public bathroom as you, Christ-raping churches, anywhere. Whether you know it or not, someone like this guy could be admiring you. If he told you he loved you, would you love him back? What would you do or say, would you run away?

One look at a guy like the pimply freak above and the average girl will turn away fast. But if you think about it, even ugly gamers have feelings too. Could you imagine a tear falling from his eyes? Try imagining the feelings of rejection he is feeling that minute.

However, I bet you are all curious...what is the gamer's view on relationships???Mom's little Boy by koudelka2005 ANYWAY! We were curious too, so we asked many gamers how they felt about relationships, and we got answers! This is what they told us, the exact words: 
"Well I'd just go after anything I find, really..."
"I feel so desperate. I tried asking girls out, but they all rejected me!"
"I can't keep girlfriends for too long, there is probably something wrong with me, right?"
"I am obsessed with love,'s my main obsession. I'm addicted to love! Why I can't find girls to love me, I have no idea..."

Untitled Drawing by Unwritten-Lyrics

Stan Marsh Makes the Wrong Move On The First Date

South Park - Stan Wave (GIF) by Flip-Reaper-Z Just yesterday....this little boy was seen at a fancy restaurant with a beautiful pony. I bet you can't guess her name, can you? We'll give you a little hint! Rarity by Pony-Spiz That's right! It's Rarity the Unicorn! 
We spied on them through the window and they seemed to be having much fun! That is, until a sneaky grin reached Stan's lips as his hand crawled under the table. We didn't know what was happening, but we watched with our eyes peeled. Stan Marsh by Stalcry

By the reaction of Rarity's face we knew that Stan must have fingered a certain spot. We watched as her face blushed darkly. But then! A purse swung around, slamming into the black haired boy's face. So Rarity was no longer the only red-faced one! Pervy Stan, shame on you!

Dead Pyroar Found on Road

Pyroar after ... The rain. by Felinar Just a few days ago, we spotted a male Pyroar's dead body lying on the hot road. We don't know how it got there, but we seem to think it hated it's life and decided to kill itself. When we finally reached the area, we noticed tired tracks adorned it's body and flies were air-born.

From what little the locals have to say, this Pyroar just simply dragged himself to the road before throwing his body to the left side head-first.

We barely feel sorry for this dumbass creature, and may it rape Jesus in heaven.
Cupcake Divider III - Commiss. by etNoir


Find The Ties!

Cute Tango by Red-Moon-WolfCartman by pungangtumblr msgjc2B4kl1rrcyelo1 500-9939 by Unwritten-Lyrics
Mop-Head by Unwritten-LyricsScreenshot 2016-02-13 at 11.46.22 PM-6348 by Unwritten-Lyrics
Eric Cartman by vintendo64Download by Unwritten-LyricsUntitled Drawing by Unwritten-Lyrics

LOVE by Unwritten-Lyrics00511410 by Unwritten-LyricsUntitled Drawing by Unwritten-Lyrics
Images by Unwritten-LyricsProfile Picture By Unwritten Lyrics-d7ni40z by Unwritten-LyricsDownload (2) by Unwritten-Lyrics

Something I Came Across

Britney Spears by greendesireAoi Asahina by MerunyaaSHSL BABES by RingamonBritney Spears colored2 by nikki13088

naruto by alemarsLee Chibi by gejimayo Naruto: neji-tenten-rock lee by sylenavi
Enrique Iglesias by Khaos-Wolfryn  
Neji by strxbeCaitlyn Jenner loves Wheaties. by DannyJarrattJesus by amonteiro
it's butters by stardroidjeanButters in Tartan Plaid by Sugaree-33Kitten of the Castle by thrumyeye
Cupcake Divider III - Commiss. by etNoir


:iconballoonplz:Birthday Fun!:iconballoonplz:

you and me by xmassacre

:iconstarplz:Jason Wade:iconstarplz:

Birthday Gift: :icontieplz: This nice looin' man gets a piece of parasitic clothing because he reportedly didn't have one! However, I expect Jason to box it up and leave it in that "freaky" Spanish guy's mailbox! 

Fortune: Something great will happen to you, and bring a smile to your face! We don't know when, but it will happen!

Honorable Mentions

Luke Bryan Love Stamp by Pink-Pastel Stamp - Selena Gomez Fan by Silliest-Sarah
Demi Lovato by starorange06

:iconstarplz:Demi Lovato:iconstarplz:

Birthday Gift: Because she doesn't look much like the above picture anymore, and got really chunky, we had no other choice but to give her a :iconsaladplz:

Fortune: Don't be down! You have a fighting chance to lose weight!

Honorable Mentions

Christina Perri Stamp by sparkly-purple-ninjaMadonna Stamp by poserfan

Man Hottie Of The Month!

For July:
tumblr mvhz93EaBG1r3kfg4o1 500 by Unwritten-Lyrics

Mondo Owada(Nominated By: :iconpink-pastel: )

Reason: Just look at this hawt man, his niiiice body and hair and alluring eyes. This is the kind of man all women would want to have!

For August:
Just Rock Lee by Ravenniia

Rock Lee

Reason: Because his rock-hard dick makes me feel giddy all day long!


Dear TMS, 
"WTF, did you just make fun of Donald Trump in your pathetic newspaper? FUCK YOU, HE IS A GOOD GUY! I VOTED FOR HIM, I'LL HAVE YOU KNOW!"

                                                             FU, Kathy

Dear Kathy, 
"Yes, we did rip on Donald Trump in our paper! Thanks for noticing!"
                                                           Love, TMS
um hi?
"so i read ur newspaper. i didn't like it pls stop.thank u."


Dear Betty, 
"Um, I read your comment and I think you should crawl back into the hole you fell out of. Thank you."

                                                            Love, TMS
"I am from southern United States and I mumble. Badly. I have come to you because I seek help. So please help."

                                                           Love, Derek

Dear Derek, 
"Well, Mr. Mumbles, I suggest you take practice on your speech. There ain't nothing I can do to resolve your problems. Read books aloud. Just practice, you fucking idiot!"

                                                         Love, TMS

The Monthly Special


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